Let the Countdown Begin

You would have guessed what this post is all about. Yes, I’m tendering my resignation today! While the only thing that held me back is having my own paycheck, I couldn’t be any more thrilled by this decision to which both my husband and family agreed. As I’ve mentioned before, being around toxic people is what made me quit my job sooner than I had planned. Everyone knows I will eventually leave, but I had to decide earlier because of all the nonsense happening at work.

Just yesterday, I talked to one of my close colleagues who vented out on all the crap discussed during their meeting with the manager. Who in their right mind would call a team meeting during lunch break? It’s the only time you get to get away from the jungle that is your desk, then your boss calls for a meeting at lunch (it’s not even a lunch meeting) lasting for an hour and a half, and it makes you loathe your job even more.

To commemorate my 30-days notice, I’ve come up with memes from someecards.com that I find both hilarious and fitting:

This is my favorite part of the day (next to going home). It pays that I have crazy friends at work, so they make crappy days bearable.

Of course, this makes it to the top list of things we talk about during lunch break. The nerve of some people to waste an hour or so talking about all the nonsense they could think of. I’m talking to you, miss.

Shout-out to all my friends at work!


Totally relatable. This is why I listen to music from the 90s on Fridays! It makes time fly by without me realizing it until it’s time to go home.

Gotta love early morning work shifts! Ha.

Need I say more?

Here’s to you and all your crappy point-of-views.

Modesty aside, I think I deserved the credit. After all, I didn’t earn it overnight. :-)

I dedicate this to four of the people I hate seeing around the office on a daily basis. You don’t know how ecstatic I am to never see you again.

Because I can.


Today I called in sick.
Well, I’m not really sick, but when I woke up to my 4:00AM alarm this morning, I decided to take a day off from work. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep (something that’s been recurring for a month now), and I wanted to sleep in. So I did. Normally I’d worry about my remaining leave credits, but not today. I use my leave credits whenever and however I want to. Today is no exception. After all, it’s only a matter of time until I officially quit.

Today I did some overdue household chores.
Just because I didn’t have work, doesn’t mean I’m going to lay in bed all day. I did do that, but only after I’m done with some chores. Unless I’m really sick, I prefer to move around the house and get things done because I just can’t stay put.

Today I watched The Prestige for the nth time.
As soon as I’m done with my chores, I browsed through our cable TV, and this was on. I saw this in the local movie theater when it premiered, and I liked it. No matter how many times I’ve seen it on HBO several years later, I love it just the same. It’s one of those films that I don’t get tired of watching even if it meant knowing the lines and scenes by heart.

Today Roan and I had a little squabble.
It’s nothing to be worried about, but it had something to do with my migration to the US in the near future. We reached a compromise in the end, and I realized that the secret to a happy marriage is meeting each other halfway. We’re just like any other married couples out there, you know…

Today I received follow-up emails from USCIS.

This means that in two to four weeks, my case should be received by the Department of State for processing. A lot of things has come to light, and I’m not sure I can keep up.

How has your day been thus far?


Ophelia by John Everett Millais (oil in canvas, 1851–1852)

According to my mother, I showed interest in reading at a very young age. Instead of turning the television on while she worked on household chores, she gave me magazines or newspapers to keep me occupied. Though I was unable to actually read yet, my parents were surprised to realize that I know the correct orientation of my reading materials without their guidance. This, perhaps, was an indication that I will grow up with fondness in reading.

What does reading have to do with this?

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When One Door Closes, Another Opens

Two days. 

It only took two days to turn things around, and I didn’t have to move a muscle. I might have hit rock bottom on Tuesday when I was forced to drop the bomb. I promised to explain things behind all that drama, and now might be the right time.
For the first time in my four years of working as a Production Editor, the management questioned my work schedule. This would have made sense if we observed a fixed schedule since Day 1, but we don’t. Our client is based in the UK, and the 7-hour time difference does not require us to go on shifting schedule. In fact, we are entitled to a 3-hour flexible work schedule depending on our preference. Apparently, the new management seems to have developed an inkling on this regard, so instead on focusing on more scale-up-related things, they look into people’s work schedule just for the heck of it.

I go to work anytime between 5:00 and 6:00AM everyday. It’s a good thing that I don’t have issues waking up early in the morning because I’ve gotten used to it. The thing I like the most about reporting to work at an ungodly hour is the peacefulness it brings. I don’t know if anyone else will agree with me, but I find myself most productive during this time. No distractions, no nonsense. Another reason for coming to work this early is the fact that I’m in the same company as my brother’s. His schedule, however, was the complete opposite of mine. He has no choice but to report to work on a graveyard shift, and that it’s mandatory to render at least three hours of overtime daily. This is why I prefer an early morning work shift. It allows my brother to take the car when going to and from work. If anything, his consolation is convenience.

The management has been monitoring work schedule of other people in production which is understandable, but I hoped their concern were for the betterment of the company, and not for personal reasons. I would have understood the need to dig into my work schedule preference if my job is being compromised. I’m sorry to disappoint them, but it is not. My diligence towards my job has developed good rapport with both my internal and external contacts which I earned over the years. Some things do not add up, so I’ve made a decision to quit. I didn’t say it as a matter-of-factly, but I know that my frustration was a clear indication that I have sent my message across. They have been made aware of forthcoming resignation several months prior to our wedding, hence it shouldn’t come off as a surprise.

Both I-129F and I-130 were approved on the same day

Until these came in the mail two days later.

My cousin from Canada and I have long since talked, and when I texted him that I’m quitting from my job soon, he decided to call me via FaceTime. It was a good two-hour conversation, mostly catching up on each other’s lives. Of course, the processing of my petition papers is among the many highlights of our bull session. Several minutes after hanging up with him, emails (not one, but two) from the USCIS popped in my inbox, and I could hardly believe my eyes. In all honesty, I thought my cousin was making a terrible prank on me because we were just talking about it. I failed at taking it all in. I might have done cartwheels and somersaults in my head! I frantically called Roan, but he wasn’t answering, so instead I sent him a portion of the text in the email to give him the heads-up. Then I texted my cousin again to say the same thing, and he was as dumbfounded as I was.

I could not be any more grateful for this pleasant surprise. Good things, indeed, come to those who wait—when you least expect it. The first part of our waiting game took 115 days to end. We’re a step closer; I guess all our future plans are in order.

Can we throw some confetti around here?